Mid-Career Standout Scholar Award – Call for Nominations

Mid-Career Standout Scholar Award 2022

Sponsored by the International Centre of Leadership and Followership at

Durham University Business School

We invite nominations for the 2022 Network of Leadership Scholars (NLS) Mid-Career Standout Scholar Award, sponsored by the International Centre of Leadership and Followership. Nominations are due March 30, 2022.

Now in its third year (previously the Shining Star Award), NLS and the International Centre of Leadership and Followership honor a career-in-progress that has made and is likely to continue making considerable impact on leadership scholarship, practice, and/or teaching. Through this award, we call attention to our science and some of the very best work we are doing as a field. In a time when the contribution of the social sciences to society is called into question, we seek to highlight achievements of our very best mid-career leadership scholars, making them visible to their institutions, industry, and community.


  • The applicant/nominee must have completed his or her PhD (or finished his or her training/education) 8-14 years ago.
  • The applicant/nominee should have a noteworthy body of work that has made a meaningful and original contribution to the field of leadership studies.
  • ●      The applicant/nominee should have contributed to the discipline in ways that complement his or her scholarship (e.g., editorial board service, service as a representative for the Academy or other professional organizations, mentoring of students in the field).
  • Mid-Career Standout Scholar Award committee members and previous winners of this award are not eligible.

Application Process

  • Self and other nominations are welcome.
  • A 1 page single spaced letter describing the applicant/nominee’s career evolution providing a strong case for his/her contribution to the leadership field. This can include some of the following points:
    • Number of years since receiving the PhD (must be 8-14 years).
    • Important and novel research questions in the area of leadership addressed.
    • Integrated leadership-related career progression.
    • Leadership-related publications in top-tier journals.
    • Overall citations and other indices of research productivity.
    • Publications with students.
    • Service to the field
      (e.g., editorial board memberships, conference leadership positions).
    • Teaching accomplishments in the area of leadership.
    • Work addressing the research-practice gap.
  • The applicant/nominee’s curriculum vita.
  • Materials must be emailed to: Brett Neely – brett.neely@unl.edu

Committee Membership

The 2022 committee consists of 5 members: Susan Murphy (Chair), Ron Riggio, Bob Liden, Tiffany Keller Hansborough, and Stephanie Castro.

The NLS board, in conjunction with the Chair invites committee members with the intent of ensuring a representative committee (in terms of seniority, interdisciplinarity, multiple nationalities, and sex). The role of the Chair is to guide the Committee through its decision and work with the incoming NLS Awards Coordinator (Brett Neely, brett.neely@unl.edu) in organizing the process.

Deadlines and Timeline

  • Materials due March 30th, 2022.
  • Award winner will be notified by June 1st, 2022.
  • Award will be conferred at the 2022 Academy of Management Annual Meeting.

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