Conference Pre-reading: Design Thinking Primer

As you know, each session at the conference will utilize the design thinking framework to facilitate conversations to address the challenge(s) presented by the particular organization. We have put together a collection of readings and videos on design thinking to help prepare for the conference. We will be using the methodology followed in the Design Thinker simulation, which was developed by ExperiencePoint (a simulation company) in collaboration with IDEO, a globally renowned design firm. Our session facilitator, Drew Marshall, suggests that conference participants review the following materials prior to the conference to ensure that all of us get the most out of each session, and that we collectively meet the conference and session objectives.

Introduction to Design Thinking Framework to be utilized in our conference:

A primer on design thinking by Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO:
Brown, T. (2008). Design Thinking. Harvard Business Review, 86(6), 84-92. Can be retrieved here: content/uploads/2009/12/HBR-on-Design-Thinking.pdf

Our conference sessions will be facilitated using this Design Thinking process; due to time constraints, we will primarily focus on the first two stages – inspire and ideate. Participating organizations will provide background information to help with defining the challenge and observing people (collecting data). 

Additional Readings & Videos

A Lecture on Design Thinking & Innovation by Tim Brown at MIT (March 16, 2006; running time: 57 minutes)

Stanford University’s Institute of Design – D-School Bootcamp Bootleg updated version – The guide outlines each mode of a human- centered design process, and describes a number of methods which may support design thinking throughout the process. here/

A short, non-technical introduction to Design Thinking: thinking-083107.html

Fast Company Design (inspiring contemporary designs)

And finally, the Shopping Cart Design Challenge (aired on Nightline, ABC):



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