Opening Panel – Prepared Remarks by Panelists

The four panelists have shared their prepared remarks regarding Leadership, Innovation & Sustainability, to serve as their position briefing on the topic.

  • Mr. Stephen Hayes (International Centre for Complex Project Management) on the role of leadership in leading large-scale, complex, systemic change (Position Brief)
  • Ms. Roberta Lang (Whole Foods) on Conscious Capitalism and leadership (Position Brief)
  • Professor Sim Sitkin (Duke University) on the role of leadership in sustainability and bridging the Academy-Practitioner Divide (Position Brief)
  • Professor Sandra Waddock on the need for reconceptualizing the role of leadership in solving problems at the societal/planetary level (Position Brief)


The Panel will be moderated by Mary Uhl-Bien (University of Nebraska, Lincoln); we hope these position briefs will allow you to come prepared to contribute to the discussions.

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