Webinar on Design Thinking for Scholars

The first in a series of webinars leading to the second annual NLS Research/Practice Conference will be held on June 20, 2012 at 1 PM Eastern Time (US). Click here to register for this free webinar.

This webinar is to introduce Design Thinking for Scholars to those participating in, or intending to participate in the Network of Leadership Scholars’ 2nd Annual Research/Practice Conference on the topic:

Leadership in the Informal Economy:
Addressing Challenges from the Field

to be held at the Sheraton Boston Hotel (Boston, MA USA) on August 1-2 immediately prior to the Academy of Management Annual Meeting.

Design Thinking for Scholars is an ongoing effort to develop and test a framework for challenge-based research. This is being driven by the efforts of the Network of Leadership Scholars, a community of practice affiliated with the Academy of Management (AOM.) This project builds on an existing product/process that has a shown initial success and potential.

It is implemented in the context of a collective (Network of Leadership Scholars) that, by its nature, cuts across multiple AOM Divisions.

It seeks to develop products/processes that have applicability throughout the AOM. Also, it establishes a model for the application of design thinking by scholars that focuses on:

  • tangible and achievable goals,
  • concrete deliverables,
  • realistic timeframes, and
  • meaningful practical benefits.

This model has been developed to help scholars create solutions for everyday challenges. It equips them with the process and methods of design. Businesses, social entrepreneurs and other innovators have used them for decades to create solutions for many different types of challenges. In this model, these methods are adapted specifically for scholars, because as a scholar, you design every day. You design your research, you design curriculum, you design learning environments for your students, and you design experiences and interactions for your colleagues.

Please join us as we provide an overview of the draft Design Thinking for Scholars model.

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This webinar will be recorded for future viewing.

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