Announcing the Third Annual NLS Research-Practice Conference & PDW

The third Network of Leadership Scholars Research/Practice Conference & PDW will be held in conjuction with Academy Meetings in Orlando, FL. We invite you to join other academics and practitioners representing different disciplines and sectors to address a complex social challenge and develop original ideas for research and practice.

Network of Leadership Scholars’
3rd Annual Research/Practice Conference & PDW

Homelessness and Helpfulness:
Building Lasting Cross-Sector Partnerships with Leadership

Orlando, Florida
August 8-9, 2013

Conference Theme for 2013

In line with the Academy of Management Meeting theme, the theme for this year’s conference & PDW is Homelessness and Helpfulness: Building Lasting Cross-Sector Partnerships with Leadership. Like other great societal challenges such as HIV/AIDS and environmental injustice, homelessness cannot be solved through efforts of one sector (business, nonprofits, government, media, or community) alone. Cross-sector collaboration has been found to be critical to successfully addressing homelessness and other vexing social and business problems. However, few scholars have attempted to examine the role of leadership in enabling such collaboration. We seek to address this gap combining multidisciplinary knowledge about cross-sector collaboration and leadership. Consequently, we welcome scholars and practitioners from all disciplines and interests to participate in this event.  

Process & Desired Outcome

Drawing from stories and information provided by practitioners and research findings from scholars, participants will be challenged to work together to develop frameworks for building cross-sector partnerships in the context of alleviating homelessness in Central Florida. Our goal is to generate a set of knowledge products that will help scholars and practitioners in researching and designing meaningful interventions to improve the success rate of such initiatives. In the process, we will also inform understanding of cross-sector leadership.

We expect to contribute to academia by addressing the scarcity in research identifying specific leadership behaviors and competencies required for buidling lasting cross-sector collaborations. Academics will also benefit directly from the generation of a research agenda based on existing challenges and tentative propositions developed during the workshop. We contribute to practice by helping practitioners understand what research has shown regarding these issues and what more could be learned by engaging strong leadership processes.


We will address the theme using a Design Thinking for Scholars process developed for our purposes. This methodology engages researchers and practitioners in creatively exploring and collaboratively identifying innovative and valuable new knowledge products. We will organize webinars before the conference in order to introduce the participants to the methodology used and to the theme. 

Meeting Dates & Registration

The event will begin on Thursday (the 8th of August) afternoon with a panel discussion and dinner, and will continue on Friday, August 9th as a day-long PDW titled Homelessness and Helpfulness: What Does Leadership Have to Offer?”

This year, our NLS conference is partially blended as a PDW with the main program of the Academy of Management Meeting in Orlando, FL. Please register on the Academy of Management PDW website or directly here.  The registration for the PDW component automatically gives you access to both days of the conference. 

If you have any difficulties registering for the conference and PDW, or have questions regarding the event, please contact  Chris Dembek (


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