Call for Paper Proposals: AOM PDW: Investigating Affect in Organizational Interpersonal Relationships

AOM Submission: #12052

PDW Session Day/Time/Location: Friday, August 9, 2019 | 10:45 AM – 12:45 PM | Location: Sheraton Boston Hotel

Co-chairs: Herman H. M. Tse, Monash U and Ashlea C. Troth, Griffith U.

Presenters: Herman H. M. Tse, Monash U; Ashlea C. Troth, Griffith U; Neal M. Ashkanasy, U of Queensland; Robert C. Liden, U of Illinois at Chicago and Marie T. Dasborough, U of Miami

We invite you to submit paper proposals with a view to participating in a professional development workshop (PDW) on “Investigating affect in organizational interpersonal relationships,” which we will be hosting at the 79th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management in Boston, Massachusetts.

 Aims and Scope

Our aim in this PDW is to bring together interested scholars to consider the latest thinking and evidence regarding the dynamic nature of affect; and how it shapes different forms of interpersonal relationships in organizations. We are targeting in particular members of the OB and other-related Academy divisions, as well as members of the Leadership Network. This PDW also provides a platform for scholars to discuss important research topics in the field that take into account, among others, one or more of five fundamental issues, viz.:

(1)  The theoretical and practical importance of the dynamic role of affect in interpersonal relationships;

(2)  The challenges of studying affect-related constructs and interpersonal relationships at multiple levels;

(3)  The need to resolve ongoing confusion concerning inappropriate conceptualization, measurement, and analysis across different levels of analysis;

(4)  The nature of the psychological processes and boundary conditions that exist across different levels of analysis; and

(5)  The dynamic temporal variability of interpersonal relationship processes.

A further aim of this PDW is to generate interest in submitting manuscripts for publication in the forthcoming Special Issue of the Journal of Organizational Behavior on “Affect in Organizational Interpersonal Exchange Processes”. (The deadline for submissions to the Special Issue is November 30th, 2019). For more information on the Special Issue, please click here.

 Format of the PDW

The PDW will comprise two parts:

Part 1 – Expert Panel Discussion Session: The four guest editors of the JOB Special Issue plus an additional leading expert will open the session by presenting their thoughts on the PDW topic and also inviting open discussion.

Part 2 – Paper Development Session: Each panel member will be assigned to a round-table working with the authors of the proposals and provide them with detailed comments.

PDW Submission Requirements

We welcome submissions that deal with any form of affect (i.e., discrete emotions, positive affect, negative affect, emotional regulation, emotional labor, emotional intelligence, affective tone and emotional climate) that might influence any aspect of organizational members’ interpersonal relationships (e.g., TMX, LMX, or any other form of relationships) across different timespans, levels of analysis, organizational settings, and industries.

Submissions may be made be in different formats such as review, conceptual and empirical papers (i.e., quantitative, qualitative, or mixed method approaches) drawing on different theoretical lenses, methodological techniques (e.g., experiment, survey, interview, case study, experience sampling methodology, diary method or social network methodology) and multilevel frameworks. We look forward in particular to submissions based on new theoretical ideas or preliminary findings as well as fully developed manuscripts.

To submit a paper proposal, please

  1. Submit an MS Word file in AoM format to Dr. Herman Tse by June 01, 2019.
  2. Ensure you include a cover sheet with the project/study or proposal title, author(s), affiliations, and contact details, plus the proposal describing the research project/study (10 pages all inclusive). Please use the following email subject heading: “2019 AoM-PDW Submission”.

We will advise authors of the outcome of their submission by no later than June 15.

Please note that the Special Issue is open to all manuscripts and authors beyond the participation in this PDW.

Please direct all inquiries regarding the PDW, the proposal submission and the Special Issue to

Herman Tse, PhD

Associate Professor in Leadership

Director of the Early Career Researchers (ECR) Network

Department of Management

Monash Business School
Monash University
Room: 6.31 Level 6, Building N, Caulfield Campus
900 Dandenong Road
Caulfield East, VIC 3145

T: +61 3 9903 2057


W: Personal Website

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