The Leadership Quarterly: Issue 1 of 2020


I trust you are all fine and you and your families are safe in these trying times.

Given COVID-19, I was thrown off my regular schedule and omitted to announce a new issue of the journal last month. It is our first issue of the year; following our new tradition, it consists of the Yearly Review issue. As you have come to expect, we have a series of excellent and thought provoking articles, starting with one that is actually rather timely–it is about natural experiments.

Introductory Editorial
The Leadership Quarterly Yearly Review: Comprehensive and integrative perspectives on leadership research, theory, and methods
David V. Day
Article 101402

Natural experiments in leadership research: An introduction, review, and guidelines
Jost Sieweke, Simone Santoni
Article 101338

A systematic review and critique of research on “healthy leadership”
Cort W. Rudolph, Lauren D. Murphy, Hannes Zacher
Article 101335

Leading teams in the digital age: Four perspectives on technology and what they mean for leading teams
Lindsay Larson, Leslie A. DeChurch
Article 101377

Functional leadership in interteam contexts: Understanding ‘what’ in the context of why? where? when? and who?
Dorothy R. Carter, Kristin L. Cullen-Lester, Justin M. Jones, Alexandra Gerbasi, Donna Chrobot-Mason, Eun Young Nae
Article 101378

Leader-follower transgressions, relationship repair strategies and outcomes: A state-of-the-science review and a way forward
Olga Epitropaki, Ana B. Radulovic, Ziya Ete, Geoff Thomas, Robin Martin
Article 101376

Exploring why leaders do what they do: An integrative review of the situation-trait approach and situation-encoding schemas
Ryan K. Gottfredson, Christopher S. Reina
Article 101373

Leadership of socio-political vanguards: A review and future directions
Richard T. Marcy
Article 101372

Leading day-to-day: A review of the daily causes and consequences of leadership behaviors
Thomas K. Kelemen, Samuel H. Matthews, Kimberley Breevaart
Article 101344

Follower transformation as the linchpin of transformational leadership theory: A systematic review and future research agenda
Nathapon Siangchokyoo, Ryan L. Klinger, Emily D. Campion
Article 101341

Viva la evolution: Using dual-strategies theory to explain leadership in modern organizations
Kaylene J. McClanahan
Article 101315

State-of-the-science review of leader-follower dyads research
Jayoung Kim, Francis J. Yammarino, Shelley D. Dionne, Rory Eckardt, Minyoung Cheong, Chou-Yu Tsai, Jin Won Park
Article 101306

Leadership succession in different types of organizations: What business and political successions may learn from each other
Bassam Farah, Rida Elias, Cristine De Clercy, Glenn Rowe
Article 101289

The leadership trilogy: A review of the third decade of The Leadership Quarterly
William L. Gardner, Kevin B. Lowe, Jeremy D. Meuser, Farzaneh Noghani, Daniel P. Gullifor,  Claudia C. Cogliser
Article 101379

Call for papers
The Leadership Quarterly Yearly Review (LQYR) for 2022
Article 101400

The call can be viewed here too:




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