(Desk) Reject Recovery: A Manuscript Development PDW

Sponsored by the Journal of Managerial Psychology (JMP)

Been (desk) rejected by the Journal of Managerial Psychology or a similar journal? Want to better understand why, and how to avoid it happening again? We reviewed the common themes encountered by the editors and reviewers of JMP that lead to desk- and first round-rejection. Many of these issues are core to how science develops, and many authors can address these problems through more careful manuscript preparation, the addition of another sample, more appropriate analyses, or more careful writing and attention to theory and literature reviews. These topics, while fatal flaws for progress to publication, are often correctable with some additional work, such as a re-write or additional data. We also believe that these correspond to common reasons for manuscript rejections across journals, and are not idiosyncratic to JMP.

This PDW gathers JMP associate editors and members of the editorial review board to discuss these themes with authors to assist them in overcoming rejection and/or avoiding it in the future. Each theme will be introduced briefly, then participants will be invited to join 30 minute table discussions (up to 3 topics) organized by theme. Authors with rejected manuscripts can then seek out the topics relevant to their continued manuscript development. Authors seeking to avoid rejection can attend tables that seem most relevant to their development as scholars.

  1. Suitability for a Journal, Amanuel Tekleab, Editor-in-Chief of JMP and Helena Cooper-Thomas, Senior Associate Editor of JMP.
  2. Limited / Insufficient Scientific Contribution, Ulrich Leicht-Deobald, Associate Editor, JMP.
  3. Rationale for the Research and Intended Contribution, Narda Quigley, JMP ERB member.
  4. Underdeveloped Theory / Hypotheses, Robyn Brouer, Associate Editor, JMP.
  5. Inappropriate or Problematic Method / Data / Statistics, Peter Harms Associate Editor, JMP, and Jeremy D. Meuser, Associate Editor, JMP. Holly Slay Ferraro, JMP ERB member, will handle qualitative methods issues.
  6. Poorly Written Manuscript, Lyonel Laulié, JMP ERB member

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