29th Kravis-de Roulet Leadership Conference: “The Spectrum of Leadership: From Virtuous to Destructive”

March 3-4, 2023, Claremont McKenna College, Claremont, CA 

This conference explores the “spectrum” of leadership, from its positive, or exemplary, forms, to the negative and dysfunctional types of leaders and leadership behaviors. Noted leadership scholars will discuss the dynamics of good and bad leadership, as well as the role of followers in the process. 

Workshops will focus on how positive forms of leadership and followership can be promoted in the workplace and society. 

Topics include: 

  • Virtuous and Authentic Leadership 
  • The Dynamics of Destructive Leadership 
  • The “Dark Side” of Leaders and Followers 
  • Leadership and Intellectual Virtues 
  • Indigenous Perspectives on Virtues and Vices 
  • Promoting positive leadership and followership 
  • Mindful Leadership 

Speakers include: Barbara Kellerman, Joanne Ciulla, Peter Harms, William Gardner, David Day, Mary Crossan, Terry Price,  and others

Register Now: https://www.kravisderoulet.com/ 

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