AOM 2017

Please join us at the following NLS sponsored events:   Sunday, Aug. 6 3:15PM- 4:15PM NLS Meeting – Galleria 1, Hilton Our annual meeting convenes immediately after the LQ Board Meeting in the same room. Come right at 3PM to have a light refreshment and socialize with LQ Board Members. This year, our meeting will focus[…]

AoM 2016

Please see the attached list of PDWs and Academic sessions that we believe will be of interest to members of the Network of Leadership Scholars. In total, we have found 83 sessions related to leadership. We have highlighted a few and encourage all leadership scholars to add these to your customizable program: Sunday, Aug. 7[…]

NLS activities at 2014 AOM

One goal of the Network of Leadership Scholars is to foster interdisciplinary collaboration in leadership research. Each year we send a list of leadership-focused sessions for our members to consider attending. Please find attached over 100 PDW’s and Academic sessions that focus on leadership. The NLS has also convened a number sessions to address our[…]

About NLS

The Network of Leadership Scholars provides a forum for people from varying backgrounds, disciplines, nationalities, and perspectives to interact and generate knowledge related to the field(s) of leadership. Our mission is to foster interconnectivity and create linkages that allow us to develop meaningful new frameworks for investigating and practicing leadership. Our aspirations are to: •Break[…]