NLS activities at 2014 AOM

One goal of the Network of Leadership Scholars is to foster interdisciplinary collaboration in leadership research. Each year we send a list of leadership-focused sessions for our members to consider attending. Please find attached over 100 PDW’s and Academic sessions that focus on leadership.

The NLS has also convened a number sessions to address our other stated goals of sharing ideas and fostering interconnectivity. Thus, please join us on Sunday, August 3, for the following:

10:00-11:30  Q&A with Elsevier Convened by NLS,  Room 410, Marriott  (Open to All)

3:15-4:15  NLS Member Meeting,  Grand Ballroom Salon C, Marriott (Open to All)

The Alvah H. Chapman Dissertation Award, sponsored by FIU Center for Leadership, will be presented to Dr. Emily Grijalva for her dissertation titled “Narcissism and Leadership: A Meta-Analytic Review of Linear and Nonlinear Relationships.” 

4:15-5:15  NLS Eminent Scholar Award:  Alice H. Eagly, Grand Ballroom, Salon C, Marriott (Open to All)

Dr. Eagly will give a talked titled “Glass Ceilings, Labyrinths, and Jungle Gyms: Is There Anything New About Women as Leaders?”

5:15 –6:15  NLS Reception Grand Ballroom, Salon D, Marriott (Open to All) Sponsored by FIU Center for Leadership and Elsevier

We look forward to seeing you in Philadelphia!

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