Online Tribute to Boas Shamir

We are sad to report that on the morning of November 8th 2014 we recieved word that Boas has passed away. We want to offer our thoughts, words and condolences to his family during this difficult time.

I am very sad to inform our community that our dear friend and colleague, Boas Shamir, has terminal pancreatic cancer. In recognition of the many ways in which Boas has touched our lives, the Network of Leadership Scholars has organized a tribute page on tumblr.  I encourage you to post messages, photos, thoughts, and memories to Boas and his family.

The instructions for posting are below, with the most important being that you include your name in the title of your post (tumblr asks you to fill in your name and email when you submit but it will not include it in the post, so please make sure to put your name in the title).


Instructions for Tumblr

Anyone can view the site by going to this address:

You do not need to be signed in to Tumblr in order to view it. If you are signed in to Tumblr, you have the ability to post a message (text, photo, etc) by submitting it to this site:

However, once it is posted it does not go live. Instead, it notifies the moderator (right now it is Todd Weber, Ron Piccolo, Mary Uhl-Bien) to moderate the content, and any submission can be posted or deleted. Notifications show up on the web, in the app, and via the NLS gmail address. To post a photo, there is an icon just above where you type that looks like a camera, and if you click on that you can upload a photo to wherever the cursor is.

Also, this is VERY IMPORTANT, it does not include the name of the submitter on the posting, so after the title of your post please include: (posted by YOUR NAME)

Mary Uhl-Bien


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