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Esteemed colleagues, Greetings!

We trust you are doing fine and staying safe and healthy during these trying times.

It is with great joy we share with you the good news that the project, Handbook of Servant Leadership, has been approved by Palgrave Macmillan!

We are also pleased to share the great news that Larry Spears, the preeminent authority on the subject of Servant-Leadership, has kindly agreed to provide the preface and the concluding chapter for this august volume! We are grateful to Larry for his contribution.

The Servant Leader Handbook provides invaluable opportunities for contributions from leading and developing scholars worldwide. We have already received 65 plus proposals from luminaries in the field including Kathleen Patterson, Dirk van Dierendonck, John Horsman, Fred Walumbwa, and Carole L Jurkiewicz, among many others.

Given the success of our previous calls for chapters and the enthusiastic acceptance of the project by Palgrave Macmillan, we felt it was a great opportunity to expand the scope of the effort even further. We plan for 100 chapters in all, to be published in three volumes in 2023!

We are extending the chapter proposal submission deadline to January 5, 2021 to accommodate requests from some of our colleagues worldwide. Kindly feel free to share this email with your colleagues as well who may be interested in this topic.

Please see below the project details and submission dates:The Palgrave Handbook of Servant-Leadership Edited by Satinder Dhiman and Gary Roberts

Authored/co-authored chapters will consist of minimum 10,000 words and will represent a fine blend of theory and practice. We encourage PhD candidates to consider this invite who are doing research in the area of Servant-Leadership. Typically, such chapters are co-authored with candidates’ PhD supervisor (s) and/or research faculty. 

If interested, please reply with chapter title and precise 100 words proposed chapter description by or before January 5, 2021 to

Kindly cc all chapter co-authors, including providing their professional affiliation details. In the subject of your email, please mention “Chapter proposal for Servant Leadership Handbook.”

The completed chapters are not due until the end of December 2021 (extended submission date).

This handbook is a multi-volume, multi-author Major Reference Work (MRW) comprising a wide-ranging cadre of leading world-class scholars, practitioners and contributing authors from diverse fields of inquiry and specializations whose research and practice directly or indirectly pertain to Servant-Leadership-from fields such as business, education, healthcare, psychology, and so on.  

Chapter contributions should comprise a well-established, accepted body of knowledge on the topic, not new research, theses, or data.  Primary data may be used as “case in point” within the broader construct of Servant-Leadership. In other words, the chapter should reflect a balanced overview of the author’s chosen topic and not an argument of its worth, value, or effectiveness.  E.g., “Napa Valley Wines” not “Napa Valley Creates the World’s Best Wines.

Submitted chapters should be exclusively prepared for the present handbook. No part of the chapter should be published elsewhere in the identical form. Chapters should comprise 10,000-12,000 words (including all references, tables, appendices, bibliographies, etc.; co-authored chapters tend to have a higher word count), and use 1.5 line spacing and 12 pt. Times New Roman font, and must use the APA 7th edition reference style (

This communication is being sent to a very large cadre of management/leadership/scholars and practitioners worldwide and a similar invite was also posted on the Academy of Management list serves for OB and MSR (sorry for any double and/or cross-postings).

To get a glimpse of the quality, diversity, and scale of such volumes, kindly browse through the following links:

  1. Springer Handbook of Engaged Sustainability (2018)
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  4. The Routledge Companion to Mindfulness at Work (2020)

Thank you so much for your kind consideration of our proposal.

Continue to stay safe and healthy.

Warm Regards,                                                    

Satinder Dhiman, with Gary Roberts

Satinder K. Dhiman, PhD, EdD, MBA, MCOM

 Satinder Dhiman, PhD, EdD, MBA, MCOM
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