Registration for the NLS Conference

Registration for the Second Annual Research/Practice Conference organized by the Network of Leadership Scholars is now open. The conference will be held at the Sheraton Boston Hotel (Liberty Ballroom A) on August 1st (beginning at 3 PM) and August 2nd (ending at 5 PM). Click here to register for the conference (there is a $55 registration fee). If the link is not visible, please cut and paste this link:


Participant Profiles

We have 80 scholars and practitioners attending the conference including the panelists and session presenters. Profiles of the participants who sent theirs are presented below. To avoid web-bots trolling for email addresses, we haven’t provided the email address of any of the participants below. At the conference, we will distribute the list of attendees including their organizational affiliation and contact email address.


NLS Conference – Program & Journal

In keeping with the theme of our first conference, we have decided to post the electronic version of the conference program and journal here. You can choose to save it to your preferred electronic device for off-line viewing or print as necessary. We will have wireless internet access in the conference facility, so consider bringing Read more about NLS Conference – Program & Journal[…]